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jayfields nursery

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Plantation Forestry

Forestry Seedlings

Jayfields Nursery is a modern plant production nursery established in 1987, that has been producing very high quality forestry seedlings grown in 93cc root training containers since 1993. In 2005 we established a clonal cutting production facility.

We supply plantations throughout Australia and can supply on a contract basis.
Please contact us for a very competitive quote.


Nursery Procedures

Nursery propagation starts with nursery hygiene.

Jayfields has accreditation through the Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia, NIASA, which is the Nursery Industry Association stamp of professional excellence, using nationally “Best Practice Guidelines”. Best Practice includes, effective infrastructure and professional management to produce high quality plants with reliability, and good hygiene to minimise disease and pests.

  • Precision vacuum seeding with high accuracy seed pick up and cell placement.
  • Potting medium consists of mostly, pine bark, coya peat, peat moss with other components providing a consistent potting media of very high quality. This medium has excellent water holding capacity, and includes the wetting agent “Saturade” preventing the mix from becoming hydrophobic. It is sourced from a Nursery Industry accredited supplier.
  • Our nursery practices focuses on maximising collar diameter through the manipulation of nutrients through fertigation. Adjusting nutrients maximises stem diameter whilst keeping seedlings within other specifications.
  • Seedlings will be grown in the open nursery on raised rolling mesh benches with excellent air flow, under no shade, and be fully exposed to frost for hardening off.
  • Water is applied through overhead travelling irrigators providing very even irrigation and fertigation.
  • Seedlings undergo rigorous analysis throughout the growing period to ensure growth factors are on target, and they are free of disease. All seedlings will receive a routine application of fungicide within one week prior to dispatch as a preventative measure against fungal problems in the field.
  • Our nursery production objective as always is to consistently provide the highest quality containerised seedlings, at very economical rates. We will continue our efforts to maintain efficient reliable, and friendly service, meeting all your seedling requirements.


Seedling health

Fertiliser will be applied through fertigation with trace elements added to potting medium and also through fertigation. Foliar analysis is routinely undertaken to ensure plant health is maintained at optimum levels. We use an accurate nutrient tracking system to provide for optimum growth and nutrient status of seedlings throughout the growing period. This system allows all nutrients to be accurately controlled and delivered in mg per plant each fertigation and is based on much research into plant nutrition, and historical records and experience.

This we believe is a very important component in our seedling production aiming for a very even crop with optimum specifications on a repeatable basis.

Frost Management

The nursery has in place a specialised watering system specifically designed for frost protection during possible
early season frost events. This system also provides for a backup watering system with its own power source independent of mains power. Special sprinklers are positioned throughout the nursery that can water the entire nursery at the one time.

Seedlings be exposed to normal frost events in the open nursery.


Delivery of seedlings

Seedlings can be delivered in loads of up to 160,000 plantables per load and can usually be delivered any time of the day or any day of the week. Seedlings can be delivered in Tautliner trailers with individual bins containing 4480 hiko cells per bin.

These bins can be forked on and off the truck for unloading.