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Jayfields Nursery Tree Planting Calendar


Order plants before Christmas – February at the absolute latest.

  • Order plants early to guarantee supply.
  • Select species local to you area or ask Jayfields Nursery for advice on suitable species.



  • Rip before the Autumn break, while the ground is hard and dry, to get deep shattering of the soil.
  • Rip 4 metres apart at a minimum depth of 45cm.
  • Don’t rip under the drip-line of existing trees.
  • Mound in wet areas.
  • Break up large clods as they cover phalaris plants thus reducing winter spray effectiveness.

Before frost but 10 days after rain

  • One month after Autumn break when plants are actively growing
  • Spray phalaris and/or cocksfoot, if present. These plants are very hard to kill so seek appropriate advice on sprays and rates.


One month prior to planting but by end of July. Knock down weeds & apply residual herbicide to control competition throughout Spring.

  • For normal annual weed and pasture species, spray with Glyphosate, plus a suitable residual herbicide. Adequate weed control is best achieved with the application of Glyphosate and a residual herbicide.
  • Simazine, a residual herbicide, has been used extensively with great success in weed control
  • NB: Be sure to seek advice on application rates for Simazine.

Control rabbits and hares

  • Coordinate with neighbours if necessary.
  • Avoid the need for labour-intensive and expensive tree guards.

One week prior to planting

Inspect rip lines for regrowth and respray if needed with Glyphosate only. Plant seedlings

  • Plant at least 4 metres apart, up to a maximum of 625 seedlings/ha.
  • Plant mid July to mid September (depending on rainfall and soil type), but one month after spraying.

First week after planting

  • Inspect for vermin or stock damage, or stock entry to plantation.


Regularly post-planting

  • CHECK PLANTS - make sure there are no weeds within half a metre of plants through Spring and early Summer.

After planting

  • Watch regularly for grasshoppers, particularly in dry years – spray if causing damage. Use suitable methods to control.