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Successful Tree Establishment

Successful tree establishment can be achieved in any year including drought if correct preparation and establishment techniques are adopted, and quality plants are used.


Deep ripping in most soils to a good depth, whilst the ground is dry, will achieve deep shattering of the soil profile.This shattering allows for better, deeper root development after planting, which in turn will achieve higher survival counts and faster growth.

Weed control is essential to achieve consistent high survival percentages and rapid tree establishment. Weed control is usually best achieved by using suitable, knock down and residual herbicides. There should be no weeds around seedlings at all for the first six months.

Planting time depends on the individual area, taking into account, soil type, rainfall, frost, and position in landscape. Mid winter to early spring is usually the best time to plant.

Individual tree guards, either sleeves or mesh are usually only necessary where vermin cannot be controlled by other means, or where planting frost sensitive species into frosty conditions. Tree guards are generally costly and time consuming to erect, and in the vast majority of situations, not justified.

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Please contact either contact us for further friendly advice on preparation and establishment, species selection, and design of your property or woodlot plantations.

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Windbreak Plan

Please click on the link below for pdf file of our suggested windbreak design.

Windbreak Plan